4 years ago

The story behind Dave Matthews’ Dreaming Tree Wines

Dave Matthews is known all over the world as a professional
musician, but his passion for winemaking stretches back nearly as far as his
love for music. When he met New Zealand native Sean McKenzie, they instantly
hit it off and went on to create Dreaming
Tree wines

“This is something I feel good about inviting someone over
to share with me. It’s something to be proud of,” says Dave.

Based in California Wine Country, The Dreaming Tree Winery
offers five unforgettable varieties of wine:

A crisp, bright, aromatic wine with fresh floral, citrus
and ripe honeysuckle notes that give way to zesty fruit flavors.

Crush Red
A special blend of Dave and Sean’s favorite red wine
varieties with notes of smoky berry and a pop of raspberry jam.

  • Serve with Spanish orange and onion salad or with
    Vietnamese-style grilled ribs and rice.

Features the flavors and aromas of ripe cherry, wild
strawberry and caramel. A complex wine with supple tannins.

  • Serve with roast chicken or pork, grilled salmon
    and mushroom risotto.

Chardonnay: Toasty,
crisp and elegant, featuring fresh pear and white peach flavors. A
well-balanced, medium-bodied wine that captures the distinct citrus notes of
the Central Coast.

  • Serve with grilled seafood;
    goat cheese and mushroom pizza; herb-roasted chicken; or a stone fruit, ricotta
    and arugula salad.

Features classic aromas of blackberry, cherry and herbal
notes wrapped by toasted vanilla. An easy-drinking wine with a lot of

  • Serve with grilled rack of lamb or rich lentil salad.
    A fun start or end to any meal or gathering.

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