FoodE Experts

Our FoodE Experts are available to offer answers and advice on all food-related topics. Each FoodE is selected for their passion, food knowledge and overall customer service. From finding the right ingredient for a recipe, to advising on the best cooking method for a dish, to helping you find the newest and healthiest food for you and your family, these experts are in-store and ready to help. Ask your FoodE about meal and party planning, too!

Cheese Specialists

Because of our commitment to sourcing the finest cheeses the world has to offer, we feel it’s important to match it with exceptional service and expertise. Our cheese specialists are highly trained on everything from the cheese-making process and nutritional information to proper cheese storage and handling. To become a cheese specialist, they must pass a three-hour, 150-question exam. Then, in addition to monthly quizzes, our specialists must also take a comprehensive exam twice a year to test their knowledge; over 40 of our cheese specialists meet regularly for seminars and tastings. Whether you’re looking for the perfect choice for your grilled cheese or for a cheese platter to serve at your next party, our cheese specialists are here to help.

Pastry Chefs

Before they start in our stores, our pastry chefs must complete a rigorous apprentice program where they are specially trained one-on-one by our Master Chefs for up to a year. After moving to a store, they continue to train, learning the tastes and preferences of each location’s customers. Becoming a Master Pastry Chef requires even more extensive training and certification – for some, this may take years to accomplish. This expertise allows us to offer many handcrafted pastries and specialty cakes, including wedding cakes, created fresh in-store using signature recipes. Set up a complimentary consultation today and see what wonderful cakes we can create for your special events!

Research & Development Chefs

We don’t just sell products; we create products. Our team of Research & Development Chefs work to bring innovative new products and recipes to our stores, managing everything from initial production to taste testing to quality assurance. Our chefs seek out “cleaner” products with simpler, more natural ingredients. They develop simpler, healthier recipes that taste great and meet the needs of today’s consumer, integrating ingredients and cooking styles from around the world. And they work to find sustainable packaging wherever possible.

Meat & Seafood Managers

Our Meat & Seafood Managers go through multiple tiers of in-house meat and sustainable seafood training programs. Many have decades of experience and endless knowledge to offer! They know the right cut of meat for any occasion and how to cook it to perfection. They know the seasonings to use on any type of meat, as well as which vegetable to pair it with. They can help you figure out exactly how much meat you need for your entertaining needs, no matter how large or small the crowd. Stop in and talk to one of our Meat & Seafood Managers about your next occasion; they will make sure you get exactly what you need to ensure that your guests are impressed.