Chef-inspired products using only the freshest ingredients.

Chef-inspired products using only the freshest ingredients.

Butchers Kitchen is a collection of fresh meat-centric items created and assembled fresh in our stores. You will find a celebration of both legacy recipes and our amazing butchers’ newest creations. From Butchers Kitchen to your kitchen, we invite you to enjoy—and celebrate!

Fresh Marinated Meat & Seafood Kabobs

All our kabobs are 5-6 oz. each. We offer an assortment of beef, chicken, salmon and shrimp kabobs. Whether you are cooking for yourself or entertaining a large group, we have every angle covered!

Northwoods Beef Kabobs: This peppery marinade gives a little heat to the sirloin kabobs, offered with or without vegetables.

Italian Beef Kabob: Hand-cut top sirloin tossed in a savory olive oil marinade bursting with Mediterranean flavors including sage, thyme, cracked mustard seed and sea salt.

Red Pepper Rosemary Beef Kabobs: Bold and robust in flavor, each kabob is slathered with chopped rosemary, then laced with red and black pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

Fireball Chicken Kabobs: Habanero-based marinade delivers the heat and pineapple slices help balance with some sweet. Make no mistake, the name says it all. This one is hot!

Jerk Chicken Kabobs: This authentic jerk marinade will have you feeling like you are on vacation in the Caribbean!

Northwoods Chicken Kabobs: This peppery marinade gives a little heat to the chicken, offered with or without vegetables.

Rosemary Chicken Kabobs: Rosemary and pepper flakes make this boneless skinless chicken breast sing. It has an earthy flavor with a little kick.

Onion Herb Chicken Kabobs: The perfect blend of garlic and onion with a rich spice rub of cumin and cilantro that’s balanced with chopped sun-dried tomato and lemon peel.

Lemon Grass Chicken Kabobs: Covered in sweet curry and scented with ginger and lemon grass, this vibrant marinade provides a mild and aromatic flavor.

Maple BBQ Salmon Skewers: These sweet and savory salmon skewers grill up in minutes and are a perfect serving size at 5 oz. each.

Espresso Chipotle Salmon Skewers: These salmon skewers have a hint of smoky flavor that comes from the combination of these bold ingredients.

Orange Peppercorn Salmon Skewers: The tangy orange zest pairs well with the slight kick of pepper and is delicious on salmon!

Dragon Breath Shrimp Skewers: We marinate jumbo raw peeled shrimp in our dragon breath blend. Just grill a couple of minutes on each side and this spicy treat is ready to eat.

Fresh Marinated Meat & Seafood Selections

Northwoods Marinated Chicken Breast: Fresh chicken breast coated with a peppery blend of coarse ground spices including coriander, paprika and basil, with hints of caraway and lemon peel.

Dill Olive Oil Chicken Breast: The tangy dill flavor shines in a bone-in split chicken breast and chunks of fresh tomato enhance the flavor. The skin is left on to help keep the chicken moist and juicy.

Dill Olive Oil Sea Bass: This rich, buttery fish is perfected when paired with tangy dill. The eating experience is truly wonderful. Dill Olive Oil Salmon We pair fresh salmon with our tangy dill marinade for a classic combination.

Dragon Breath Salmon Fillet: We pair fresh salmon with our spicy dragon breath marinade. This flavor is good on pork but even better on salmon.

Sesame Orange Salmon Fillet: We pair fresh salmon with a teriyaki-based marinade. The orange flavor comes through as teriyaki is not quite as sweet as our kalbi flavor.

Grilling Tips

Make sure the grill is well oiled and cook over a medium heat to prevent the meat from sticking. Here are the recommended minimal internal temperatures for different proteins:

  • Beef: 145 F
  • Pork: 145 F
  • Chicken: 165 F
  • Fish and Shellfish: 145 F