Chef-inspired products using only the freshest ingredients.

Chef-inspired products using only the freshest ingredients.

Butchers Kitchen is a collection of fresh meat- and seafood-centric items created and assembled fresh in our stores. You will find a celebration of both legacy recipes and our amazing butchers’ newest creations. From Butchers Kitchen to your kitchen, we invite you to enjoy—and celebrate!

Fresh Marinated Meat & Seafood Kabobs

All of our kabobs are 5-6 oz. each. We offer an assortment of beef, chicken, salmon and shrimp kabobs. Whether you are cooking for yourself or entertaining a large group, we have every flavor covered.

Gourmet Burgers

Our gourmet beef burgers are made fresh with 80% lean ground beef and contain a custom blend of tasty ingredients in a perfectly portioned size. We also offer turkey burgers, salmon burgers and plant-based burgers, so everyone will find something they love.

Fresh Marinated Meat & Seafood Selections

Dinner is made incredibly easy with our fresh, flavorful marinated chicken breast, pork tenderloin and salmon fillets. These selections come already marinated in unique, delicious blends that are ready to cook up easily. Add a side dish and dinner is ready!

Steamer Meals

Our steamer meals combine generous portions of salmon, shrimp, tilapia or chicken with fresh veggies, satisfying starches and bold, bright flavors. Each chef-crafted steamer meal comes in a microwavable tray that cooks in just four minutes. Seriously, dinner in four minutes!

Seafood Salads & Dips

Our seafood salads combine fresh, beautiful seafood with crunchy veggies in a cool, creamy sauce. Whether you want it traditional or with a twist, we offer several flavors that are sure to please. Looking for even more seafood goodness? Try our seafood dips and spreads, which make entertaining easy.

Winter Selections

When cold weather hits, we have comforting, oven-ready options the whole family will love. Favorites include hearty meatloaf, flavorful stuffed chicken breasts or pork chops and breaded chicken breasts, salmon and tilapia.

Grilling Tips

Make sure the grill is well oiled and cook over a medium heat to prevent the meat from sticking. Here are the recommended minimal internal temperatures for different proteins:

  • Beef: 145 F
  • Pork: 145 F
  • Chicken: 165 F
  • Fish and Shellfish: 145 F