4 years ago

Butchers Kitchen Seafood Steamers

Looking for a quick and healthy meal idea for busy weeknights? Our new Butchers Kitchen Seafood Steamers are the answer! They taste great and are ready in 4 minutes or less in your microwave.

These chef-crafted entrées are assembled fresh in our store. Each single-serve meal has 470 calories or less, made with 6 ounces of protein (salmon, tilapia or shrimp), 3 ounces of mixed veggies and a choice of our delicious cilantro lime rice or savory fingerling potatoes, all made with our signature L&B seasonings. Seafood Steamers are easy to prep and clean up, so you can enjoy a satisfying dinner and be ready for the next activity of the evening!

Look for Seafood Steamers every day in our Meat & Seafood department.

Seafood Steamers