8 years ago

Helping hearts around the world with chocolate cake

February is American Heart Month. This Valentine’s Day, serve a rich, decadent dessert that tastes good and supports a good cause, too.

Our Super Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake has layers of chocolate sponge cake with rich, creamy chocolate filling. The whole thing is topped with a decorative Belgian chocolate icing. It’s made for chocolate lovers and goes perfectly with a cup of coffee. Share one with your valentine!

Now through February 14, buy our Super Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake and proceeds will benefit Children’s HeartLink, a nonprofit working with health care centers in underserved regions of the world to promote sustainable cardiac care for children with congenital or acquired heart disease. Children’s HeartLink supports hospitals and programs in Brazil, China, Ecuador, India, Malaysia, Ukraine and Vietnam.

Funds raised throughout this Valentine’s Day campaign will:

  • Turn good pediatric heart programs/centers into phenomenal ones
  • Bring more training to more medical teams
  • Harness and cultivate the passion of these teams in other countries so they can grow and share their expertise
  • Help more children

Look for our Super Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake in our bakery.