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Spring Seafood Festival


All Stores
3777 Park Center Boulevard, St. Louis Park, MN 55416 United States
Mar 3 2022
Mar 9 2022


Visit our seafood departments and enjoy special feature pricing on our fresh, responsibly sourced seafood selections. Here are a few examples:

$10.99/lb. Sixty South Fresh Antarctic Salmon Fillets
Save $6/lb.

$9.99/lb. L&B Jumbo Tail-On Raw Shrimp
26-30 count per lb. | Save $6/lb.

$16.99 Warm Water Lobster Tails
7 oz. | Save $7

$8.99/lb. Fresh Tilapia Fillets
Save $2/lb.

$13.99/lb. Orange Roughy Fillets
previously frozen | Save $3/lb.

$9.99/lb. Columbia River Steelhead Fillets
previously frozen | Save $4/lb.

$12.99/lb. L&B Large Cooked Tail-Off Shrimp
41-50 count per lb. | Save $3/lb.

$4.99 L&B Maryland Style Crab Cakes
3 oz.  | Save $1

$15.99/lb. Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fillets
previously frozen | Save $3/lb.

$14.99/lb. Wild Colossal Shell-On Raw Gulf Shrimp
16-20 count per lb. | Save $3/lb.

$5.99 Butchers Kitchen Marinated Salmon
5 oz. | Save $2

$4.99 Butchers Kitchen Bacon Wrapped Scallop Kabobs 
3 oz. | Save $1.50

$5.99 Butchers Kitchen Maple BBQ Marinated Salmon Kabobs
5 oz. | Save $2

$4.99 Legal Sea Foods Soups
15 oz. | Save $3

$7.99 Sea Cuisine Marinated Salmon
8-9 oz. | Save $5

$12.99/lb. Canadian Walleye Fillets
previously frozen | Save $3/lb.

$4.49 L&B Minnesota Wild Rice Walleye Cakes
3 oz. | Save $1

$9.99/lb. Fresh Alaska Cod Fillets
Save $6/lb. | Limit 2 lbs. per day.