France Avenue Edina

Open since 1973

Exterior of store. There is a raised roof area with lots of windows to let in light.
Interior. A produce section under the raised roof section.
Produce shelves full of fruits and vegetables.
A fancy tasting bar.
A salad and soup bar in front of a Big Bowl Chinese Express and Tucci counter.
seafood section
Bone marche section.

Services at France Avenue Edina

  • Caribou Coffee

  • Bachman’s


  • Rotisserie meats and vegetables

  • Artisan sandwiches

  • Pizza and pasta hot or take-and-bake

  • Chef-crafted favorites such as fried chicken and macaroni and cheese

  • Salad bar

  • Signature desserts

  • Hissho Sushi

  • Beer and wine list available in The Mezz