Thursdays 2-6 pm: Custom Cheese & Charcuterie

Thursdays 2-6 pm: Custom Cheese & Charcuterie

Take your entertaining to the next level with a curated selection of artisan cheese and charcuterie. Whether it’s mouthwatering Brie topped with accoutrements or simple, yet elegant charcuterie boards, you’ll discover many new and easy entertaining solutions.

Fridays 11am-3pm: Bagels & Schmear

Stop in to get some locally made bagels delivered fresh to our store and some of our own schmear that’s made fresh right here. We have both sweet and savory combos! One of our favorite savory combos is the Everything Bagel topped with our Veggie Schmear.

Saturdays 12-4pm: Seafood Meal Kits

Enjoy a delicious and healthy meal in minutes with our Seafood Meal Kits. Choose from salmon, shrimp or tilapia, then choose your two sides. We’ll place it in a steam bag and heat it for you or you can take it home and heat it yourself – three minutes is about all it takes!

Sundays 12-4pm: Custom Cut Fruit

Create your own mix of freshly cut fruit featuring everything from berries, pineapple and mango to honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon. You even choose the perfect amount for your needs as we offer snack, family and party-size containers.