8 years ago

Lemon & orange infused olive oils

Under the warm sun of Sicily,
Asaro crushes together fresh olives and citrus fruit to create their all
natural orange extra virgin olive oil and lemon extra virgin olive oil.

how to use these oils? The first step is to think of them not as an ingredient,
but as a condiment.

Drizzle the
orange olive oil over grilled vegetables or sprinkle it with Sicilian pecorino
aged cheese and use it as a dip for bread. It’s also delicious with seafood:
Try it on salmon with ginger and soy sauce or on shrimp with Cajun spices.

The lemon
olive oil is wonderful in a variety of dishes: Pasta with tuna, sautéed
chicken, grilled vegetables, fresh sole, Sicilian goat cheese or carpaccio.

Look for
Asaro lemon and orange extra virgin olive oils in our deli.