Fresh from the Aquamar farm in Ecuador, Tropical’s sustainable tilapia are raised in low-density farms utilizing polyculture (two species in the same environment) and recirculation. Aquamar was recently awarded the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certificate for responsibly farmed tilapia, making them the first tilapia farm in the Americas to receive ASC certification.


Tropical’s blue foot white shrimp are raised in Chanduy, on Ecuador’s west coast, in low-density ponds to prevent overcrowding and promote good health. No antibiotics, chemicals, preservatives, growth hormones or mammal proteins are ever used. The shrimp are exceptionally succulent and sweet.


Tropical’s farming model creates low-density, freerange conditions. The tilapia are Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified, confirming Tropical’s commitment to conserve and replenish natural resources.


Tropical’s tilapia and shrimp feed on naturally occurring plankton and zooplankton, making the fish-in to fishout ratios the lowest in the world. The farms also add natural probiotics to the ponds to help keep the fish healthy.


Tropical’s ponds are naturally infused with saltwater with each new tide. Saltwater is a natural cleanser and gives the fish and shrimp a clean, mild flavor and firm texture. Almost 50 percent of Tropical’s production capacity is in recirculation, or closed systems. Traditional aquaculture requires 1 million gallons to fill a one-acre pond. In contrast, a closed recirculating system uses less than 10 percent of that water volume to produce comparable yields.