Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon are king salmon, ecosustainably farmed in near perfect growing conditions in the Alps of the South Island of New Zealand. They mature in a high flow of pure water and are never treated with vaccines, pesticides or antibiotics.


A hydro canal is the perfect environment for salmon farming. The fish live free-range in extremely cold and fast flowing water. Swimming against a 5.6 mph current makes them the leanest, fittest farmed salmon in the world.


The salmon eat only premium GMO-free feed. The company is committed to conserving wild fish and preventing overfishing. All feed ingredients come from certified sources.


Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon farm water is so pure you can drink it. Pure glacier and snow-fed water flows through the farm at a rate of 2.2 million gallons per minute and the quality of the water that leaves the farm meets drinking water standards and is monitored by the New Zealand government.