Cookie S'mores
2 years ago

Cookie S’mores

The perfect quick and easy dessert! Start with L&B Cookies, available in our bakery. Roast a regular-sized marshmallow on a skewer with a kitchen torch until it’s soft and gooey. Spread your favorite dessert topping
on one cookie, add the marshmallow and top with a second cookie. It’s that easy! Great for campfire-roasted marshmallows, too.

Try these tasty flavor combinations:

  • L&B Peanut Butter Cookies + Nutella
  • L&B Signature Chocolate Decadence Cookies + peanut butter
  • L&B Snickerdoodle Cookies + caramel sauce
  • L&B All Butter Sugar Cookies + lemon pie filling or lemon curd
  • L&B Chocolate Chip Cookies + chocolate dessert topping