3 years ago

Border Battle: Minnesota and Wisconsin artisanal cheeses

This year, we’re highlighting local favorites from Minnesota and Wisconsin cheesemakers. Spoiler alert: they’re all winners in our book!

Meet the cheeses:


Alemar Cheese Co. Sakatah

· Made by cheesemakers Craig Hageman and Alexandra Adams in the Food Building in Northeast Minneapolis.
· This cheese gets its name from the Dakota word meaning “singing hills.”
· Sakatah is a soft-ripened 100% grass fed cows’ milk cheese that’s wrapped in brandy-pickled Minnesota grape leaves.
· The cheese has spice and peppery notes on the palate with an earthiness.
· Seasonally available in the fall and winter.
· Pairings: For wines, we recommend dry sparkling wines, prosecco, or champagne. For beers, try a lager, wheat beer or farmhouse style.

Redhead Creamery Tipsy Tilsiter

· Made in Brooten, Minnesota by cheesemaker Alise Sjostrom.
· Tilister – or Tilsit – originated in Switzerland and Germany and is known to be a full-flavored, smear-rinded table cheese.
· Readhead Creamery’s version is smeared – or washed – with Flora, a hard cider crafted at Milk & Honey Ciders in St. Joseph, Minnesota.
· The aroma and yeast from the Flora cider results in a unique fermented flavor.
· Pairings: Try with a dry cider or melt on sandwiches and quesadillas and enjoy with apples and pears.

St. Mary’s Gouda

· This outstanding Gouda is made in Wisconsin and cave-aged in Minnesota in the Caves of Faribault for over 12 months.
· This Wisconsin born Gouda is hand-crafted by master cheesemaker Bruce Workman of Edelweiss Creamery
· The cave aging results in a smooth, buttery sharpness with just a hint of caramel.
· Pairings: For wines, we recommend a Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc or Chardonnay. For beers, try a saison or Schwarzbier. St. Mary’s Gouda is perfect on a cheeseboard or melted into mac & cheese or au gratin potatoes.


Widmer 2 Year Cheddar

· Crafted in Theresa, Wisconsin by Joe Widmer – owner and third generation master cheesemaker, and his son, Joey Widmer.
· This sharp cheddar uses both traditional Wisconsin and European cheesemaking techniques, including a process known as “cheddaring.”
· Pairings: We recommend amber lagers, apples, spicy mustards and pretzels. When cooking, add to soups, sauces or grilled cheeses!

Marieke Truffle Gouda

· Holland’s Family Cheese is an award-winning cheesemaker located in Thorp, Wisconsin.
· They use the freshest cow’s milk available. In fact, milk is used within five hours of milking, which results in an extra creamy, velvety smooth texture.
· The Marieke Truffle Gouda combines their traditional fresh Gouda with black truffles and truffle oil. It’s then aged for six months on traditional Dutch pine planks.
· Pairings: We recommend American pale ales, hard ciders or Pinto Gris. Try it shredded on pasta or eggs or on a cheeseboard with mustard, olives, honey and cured meats.

Carr Valley Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar

· Made in La Valle, Wisconsin, by Sid Cook, fourth generation master cheesemaker. Car Valley is owned and operated by the Cook family.
· This cow’s milk white cheddar is studded with tart dried cranberries and smokey chipotle peppers for added dimension. The heat comes on after for a warm finish!
· Pairings: We recommend a crisp rose, lager or tequila. When used in cooking, it makes an outstanding grilled cheese, turkey sandwich or panini. It’s also delicious when paired with apple slices.

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If you want more ideas, inspiration, or recommendations, stop by our cheese department and talk to a cheese specialist.