6 years ago

We Are Nuts – Fresh, Healthy, Locally Roasted Nuts

We’re going nuts for We Are Nuts freshly roasted nuts, heart-healthy natural nuts and delectable chocolate-covered nuts!

This family-owned, Twin Cities-based company has been around for 29 years. It all started when husband and wife founders Jim and Margaret purchased a nut packaging machine, a scale and as many freshly roasted cashews and mixed nuts as they could find. Having no prior customers, they focused their efforts on the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (now 3M) and were met with an overwhelmingly positive response, as orders from
3M employees, their family and their friends flooded in.

Jim researched the art of nut roasting and by the time the next holiday season rolled around, he and Margaret
had purchased an entire nut roasting system and could control the quality of every single nut that left their processing room. As customers came to the warehouse to pick up the nuts they had ordered, a trend began to emerge: people requested an additional bag of nuts “for the road.” This small mail order business needed to evolve and grow!

Today, We Are Nuts continues to expand to meet customer demand. Together with their three sons, Michael, Tommy and Jimmy, Jim and Margaret have expanded their roasting and packaging facility to offer a wide variety of delicious nut products.

We’re thrilled to offer We Are Nuts at all our Lunds & Byerlys store locations. They’re wonderful for snacking on during the holidays and make great gifts, too! Stop by and try them for yourself – whether you choose traditional roasted nuts or delicious chocolate-covered nuts, we’re sure you’ll go nuts for them, too!