9 years ago

The story behind our tortilla chips and salsas

Julie Griffin, our director of Lunds & Byerlys products, shares how our tortilla chips and salsas came to be:

Peanut butter and jelly… Oreos and milk… spaghetti and meatballs… they belong together. Another perfect match? Chips and salsa! 

When our talented team of food experts and chefs set out to have the best tortilla chips on the market, they knew the best salsa needed to be made as well. We just couldn’t create one without the other!

Meet our top-quality tortilla chips and salsas:

Our tortilla chips were first discovered at a natural and organic trade show about 8 years ago; our expert on all things natural and organic has a knack for finding the very best in the market. After tasting and learning about this delicious tortilla chip, we knew it needed to be on our shelves. 

What drew us to these chips was the stone-grinding process and the fresh, wholesome ingredients they use. Stone grinding is a less processed way to grind corn into tortilla chips and provides a higher quality. It’s also a great way to bring out the texture of the chip.

We started out with a unique blue corn and flax seed chip and loved it so much that we’ve now created four additional varieties that include multi-grain, sweet potato, thin white corn and yellow corn. These wholesome chips can be found in the chip aisle. Pair them with Lunds & Byerlys salsa for the perfect snack.

Along with the creation of Lunds & Byerlys tortilla chips we needed the perfect salsa to pair them with, so we partnered with a salsa maker in Napa Valley to create the best salsa. We work closely with their chefs to create each mouthwatering flavor and test every salsa creation to make sure it meets our premium quality standards. The first Lunds & Byerlys salsa created was fire roasted tomato and garlic (it was so delicious we had to make more). 

We have now created 6 additional salsas to cover spicy, smoky and sweet. Our varieties include corn and black bean, fire roasted corn, mild roasted corn, roasted pineapple poblano, tangy tomatillo verde, sweet and spicy southern peach, and, of course, the original roasted tomato & garlic.