8 years ago

Microwave popcorn, reinvented

Quinn Popcorn was started with a very simple mission: To clean up a classic snack. Here’s what makes it different:

The ingredients

Quinn Popcorn is organic with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. The cheeses are rBGH-free. The maple comes from Vermont. The expeller-pressed oils are high in Omega-3s.

The Pure Pop Bag

The microwavable bag is free of chemical coatings, with no susceptor (the gray metal/plastic patch that absorbs electromagnetic energy and converts it to heat). It’s greaseproof and compostable, too.

The flavors

Quinn Popcorn is available in a wide variety of flavors, such as Parmesan & Rosemary, Vermont Maple & Sea Salt, and Lemon & Sea Salt. The oils and seasonings come in their own separate pouches, so you can pour them on after popping.

Look for Quinn Popcorn in our snack aisle.