6 years ago

The perfect Thanksgiving wine

Beaujolais is a light-bodied, dry, fruity red wine made from Gamay grapes from vineyards in eastern France, where winemakers have been crafting wines since the days of ancient Rome. The grapes are handpicked and sorted to remove any bad ones before being vatted and fermented. 

Perhaps the most famous Beaujolais wine is the Beaujolais Nouveau, the first French wine to be released each vintage year. It’s fermented for only a few days before it’s released to the public and has an intensely fruity flavor. If you pick up a Nouveau, you’ll want to drink it within a few months for the best flavor.

Beaujolais wine tastes great when chilled and pairs well with roasted turkey, as well as beef, grilled or roasted chicken, pork chops, grilled fish, quiche, salads, various cheeses and berry desserts.

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