4 years ago

Rotisserie Chicken Remix: Chicken Club Sandwiches

Stuck in a dinner rut? These easy Chicken Club Sandwiches are the
perfect way to mix up your family dinner routine.

To get started on this easy meal, pick up a loaf of bread in our bakery
– from sandwich bread to our artisan
, we have something for every taste – and pick up a rotisserie
from our deli.

First, toast three slices of bread. Top one slice of bread with mayo,
shreddded rotisserie chicken, tomato
and avocado
slices and bacon.
Repeat with the second slice of bread and toppings, then top with the third
piece of bread. Slice and serve!

Look for 6 Buck Cluck every Friday in our deli, where you
can get a Lunds
& Byerlys Rotisserie Chicken
for just $6.