7 years ago

Peace Coffee celebrates 20 years

If you’re like most
of us, you start your day off with a cup of coffee, or maybe a whole pot! Make
that first sip of the day a good one: Organic coffee is an easy choice with a
big impact.

Organic Peace Coffee
is grown without harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Instead, farmers
cultivate a diverse ecosystem, preserving forestland from clear cutting and
keeping biodiversity alive.

Peace Coffee takes
the commitment to sustainability even further. This year marks their 20th
year in business! Since their very first container of coffee, they’ve been committed
to working directly with small-scale farmer cooperatives from around the globe.
All the coffee they buy is fairly traded, meaning that each pound goes towards
supporting sustainable communities everywhere they do business.

Peace Coffee believes
that direct relationships are the best approach to improve the supply chain. By
importing coffee through their own importer, Cooperative Coffees, they’re able
to pay industry-leading prices to producers and build lasting partnerships with
the farmers who grow their coffee. They visit their partners regularly to learn
and share information, to taste and cup coffee and to discuss the future of the
coffee trade.

Peace Coffee brings
that commitment to conservation and community back home to the Twin Cities – be
on the lookout for their bike delivery squad around town, hauling nearly 1,000
pounds of coffee beans a day to local accounts, including all our Lunds &
Byerlys locations.

This Earth Day raise
your mug in celebration of organic, local, fair trade, bike delivered and
delicious Peace Coffee. Their farmers, roasters and bikers thank you!