Four Roses Single Barrel Private Selection Bourbon

Four Roses Single Barrel Private Selection Bourbon

Bill Belkin, category manager for our Wines & Spirits locations, shares the story of this L&B exclusive single barrel bourbon.

In early September I made my first trip to Bourbon Country – Kentucky! This trip is a “must” for those who love the corn-based elixir.

My trip took me to the Four Roses Distillery, a great Lunds & Byerlys partner and creator of some of the hottest bourbons we sell.  Their tightly allocated annual Limited Edition as well as their recent homage to long time blender, Al Young, (also tightly doled out) places this label on the top of most aficionados’ lists.

So it was with this in mind that I was greeted by none other than the aforementioned “celebrity” Al Young. He and his team greeted me with six different samples from six different barrels that were made with different “recipes” (or mash-bills in Bourbon-speak), which were stored in various locations in rickhouses (warehouses specifically for Bourbon aging) around their facility.

You can see my rough tasting notes in the photos but the task was daunting.  So many subtle variances – colors, aromas, textures and flavors!  In the end, sample #4 won out and today we are in proud receipt of 17- 6 bottles cases of our L&B exclusive single barrel bourbon.  Retail is $74.99 per bottle, and it is non-chill filtered, 120 proof – 8 years plus aging!  It’s a perfect addition to your bourbon collection!