8 years ago

Meet our experts: Pharmacist John Zorich

When it comes to the importance of your health, there’s no better group to take care of you than our pharmacy experts. John Zorich, pharmacy manager at Lunds Ford Parkway, sees to it that everyone who visits his pharmacy receives a high level of care and knows they’re more than just a customer.

Q: What does a pharmacy manager do?
A: As with all departments in our store, our customers are our top priority. For us, it’s about their health, safety and having them feel valued. The pharmacy and health world can be puzzling – we help debunk medical confusion and answer questions on over-the-counter products, especially finding the best treatments for their situation.  

We fill prescriptions, talk to patients’ physicians and make sure they take medications as their doctors prescribed and that those medications aren’t interacting with each other. We also provide preventative care and general health and wellness tips. It’s our mission to provide our customers with the best health service we can.

Q: What’s your background?
A: I became interested in pharmacy when I was really young. A doctor came to my house and gave me a prescription to treat a case of the flu. I was so impressed that I got this medication and that I was feeling better the next day. This really triggered my interest in pharmacy, knowing someone could provide such care for a patient and that something you take could make you feel so much better. Years later I graduated pharmacy school from North Dakota State and have enjoyed it ever since.

Q: What do you like most about working in the pharmacy?
A: I enjoy talking to our customers and helping them. I want them to know they’re someone we truly care about. We have relationships with each one of them and they love interacting with us. For example, the first thing many of our patients do during our store’s annual Halloween-themed Boo Blast event is bring their kids over to show us their costumes. Or, we’re often among the first visits mothers make with their new babies to share in the exciting news. 

There’s a personal involvement with our customers that’s difficult to find at larger pharmacies. We have heartwarming experiences with customers all the time because of the deep and personal connection with each one. Our customers compare us to the TV show Cheers, where everyone knows your name! I guess that’s what makes us special.

Q: How can people stay healthy during these long winter months?
A: We recommend a lot of what comes from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention: constant hand washing and staying home when you’re sick so as not to pass the illness to others. 

My pharmacy also stresses the importance of getting vaccinations, such as the shingles vaccination and the flu vaccination, to help you stay healthy during our long winters. Each of our pharmacies may focus on different aspects of health and wellness – here we’re passionate about the flu vaccination and take it very seriously. Last year, one of our patients sadly passed away due to the flu. It was a clear reminder to us about the importance of vaccinations. That’s why we make sure to offer it to every one of our patients. Flu vaccinations are available at all Lunds and Byerly’s pharmacies.

Please be sure to visit any of our pharmacies if you have any questions. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!