4 years ago

New Butchers Kitchen entrées

Take the guesswork out of dinner tonight with Butchers Kitchen, our
newest line of delicious entrées, available in our meat & seafood

Butchers Kitchen is a collection of fresh, meat-centric items created
and assembled fresh in our stores. It’s a celebration of old and new, combining
legacy recipes with our amazing butchers’ newest creations. Just pop them in
the oven and dinner is served!

Here are a few of our favorites.

Mac n’ Cheese Meatloaf:
Classic Minnesota meatloaf stuffed with mac
and cheese and topped with sharp cheddar. Bake it right in the pan it comes in!

Dill Olive Oil Chicken Breast:
A chicken breast in an extra
virgin olive oil marinade with fresh chopped dill and shallots.

3 Cheese
Juicy Brucey Oven Burger:
Our version of the “Juicy Lucy.” This
massive burger is stuffed AND topped with cheese curds, sharp cheddar and Swiss
cheese. Bake it right in the pan it comes in!

From Butchers Kitchen to your kitchen, we invite you to enjoy – and