5 years ago

Don’cha know … even our bread is Minnesota Nice!

Our Minnesota Nice multigrain bread is quickly becoming one of our bestsellers, as more and more people say “Yah sure, you betcha” to this delicious, hearty artisan bread.

Each loaf contains
all the good stuff: wheat flour, malted barley flour, rye flour, cracked wheat,
corn grits, barley flakes, rolled oats, rye malt, sesame seeds, flax seeds,
millet, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, honey, sesame seeds, rolled oats, salt
and chia seeds.

It all comes
together in a perfect medley of flavors, with a touch of grain – great for
sandwiches or paired with wine and cheese.

Look for all of our
, including our Minnesota Nice multigrain bread, in our bakery.