2 weeks ago

Mad for Glads

Hot summer days lead to blooms on some of the most prized cut flowers, including showy gladiolus. A vase full of tall stems of gladiolus, or “glads” to enthusiasts, brings to mind summer mornings spent at the farmer’s market or an impromptu purchase at the grocery store prior to a summer get-together.  Gladiolus are in their absolute prime in August, and when you stop into Lunds & Byerlys this month, you’ll find the shelves stocked with bright bunches of irresistible gladiolus ready to add a summery pop of color to your kitchen island or dining room.

Offering dramatic height and bold blooms, gladiolus are a favorite cut flower that can stand on their own in a vase or accompany other flowers in a lush summery arrangement. Their spear-like shape lends them their name, which comes from the Greek word for sword. Due to their height, glads look best arranged in a tall vase or pitcher. Try blending a few complementary shades together for an informal look, or choose a few bunches in an understated white or pastel hue for something more modern.

To keep your gladiolus looking their best, be sure to give them a fresh cut as soon as you get home, and pop them into a vase with fresh water and Bachman’s flower food. If your gladiolus have yet to bloom, use warm water to encourage buds to open; then move to a cooler location once they’ve opened to help the flowers last longer. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight or drafts to prevent the flowers from dehydrating. As florets fade, pinch them off to help the blooms on the rest of the stem last.

However you choose to display your glads, don’t miss your chance to enjoy this quintessential summer flower in full bloom.