6 years ago

Pepin Heights: How about them apples?

Pepin Heights Orchard has been committed to growing Minnesota’s favorite apples since 1949. Nestled on a bluff overlooking Lake Pepin, this family-owned orchard was the first commercial grower of Honeycrisp apples. Today, Pepin Heights is Minnesota’s largest apple grower and the largest grower and distributor of Honeycrisp apples in the nation.

In addition to Honeycrisp, Pepin Heights offers over a dozen different varieties of apples, including State Fair, Paula Red, and McIntosh. They also partner with the University of Minnesota, planting and testing new apple varieties.

Pepin Heights intentionally keeps its apple trees short, for easier picking, and each apple is cut below the apple “shoulder” to prevent a stem from tearing the skin of a neighboring apple. Once they’re picked, the apples are shipped to our stores within 24 hours.

Look for Pepin Heights apples in our produce department throughout the fall and winter.