7 years ago

How to serve wine & beer jelly

& Byerlys premium wine and beer jellies
are infused with the flavors of
your favorite wines and beers. Made with just three ingredients, these
all-natural jellies have a clean taste and bold flavors.

Wondering how to use them?
They’re incredibly versatile for all types of cooking! Here are a few ideas:

Golden IPA Jelly

  • Spoon over a juicy grilled
  • Serve with cheese and
  • Toss cooked bacon
    with a spoonful of jelly.

Porter Jelly

  • Pair with cheddar cheese.
  • Dip your favorite grilled
    into a little bit of this deliciousness or slather a little on the
    sandwich bread before grilling.

Chardonnay Jelly

Merlot Jelly

  • Top grilled
    with a spoonful of this flavor-packed jelly.
  • Raise the bar on your PB
    & J sandwich with a smear of this jelly.

Look for our wine and beer
jellies in our grocery aisles.