8 years ago

How to Arrange Flowers with Fresh Floral Bouquets

Mother’s Day? Check. A birthday or housewarming gift? Taken
care of. A well-deserved pick-me-up? Yes, please! Bachman’s grab and go bunches
and bouquets are an easy way to enjoy the season’s best blooms.

Bunches and bouquets can be arranged in a variety of ways to
express personality. From timeless designs to modern and daring styles, you can
create arrangements bursting with color and creativity.

Using a consumer bunch of roses, here are a few helpful tips
to create three different styles. Don’t forget, these same tips can be used for
other flowers as well.

First Things, First – Set yourself up for long-lasting beauty!

Remove the sleeve from flowers. Always cut the
sleeve away. Do not pull the sleeve off the flowers as this could damage the

Fill your vase with lukewarm water. Did you know? Warm water molecules
move faster and will travel up the stem quicker than cold water.

Always use a floral preservative that contains these
three ingredients:

  1. Sugar
    for nutrition
  2. Bleach
    to prevent bacterial growth
  3. Citric
    to acidify the pH of the water, allowing for faster intake of the

Remove any damaged petals or foliage that will
be below the water line. This helps prevent bacterial growth and will extend
the life of your flowers. Flower stems will seal if kept out of water. Therefore,
a fresh cut needs to be made in order for the stems to draw up fresh water.

  • Always use a designated floral knife, clipper or
    shears. Do not use regular household scissors, as they are designed for paper
    or fabric. Household shears can crush the vascular system of the flower.
  • Cut the stem at a 45 degree angle. The angle cut
    provides a greater surface area for the stem to draw up water. Remove ¾ to 1
    inch of the stem.
  • For roses:
    All roses should be cut under water. When roses are cut in the air they are
    susceptible to getting air bubbles in their stem and therefore cannot draw

Place the stems in water immediately after
creating the fresh cut.

Arrange flowers in vase, being mindful of visual
interest and balance.  


The Timeless Look: Always in Style

  • Use
    a bubble bowl or small cube vase.
  • Cut
    the roses short.
  • Arrange
    close together with greens at the base.

The Modern Look: Fresh, Fabulous and Fun!

  • Use
    a tall cylinder vase.
  • Use
    branches in the center to provide height and structure.
  • Keep
    the rose stems long, but remove the foliage on the lower portion of the stem.
  • Arrange
    the roses in the vase so they are tight and compact above the cylinder.

The Daring Look: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

  • Use
    a wider cylinder vase.
  • Use
    pebbles, branches or greens to encircle the bottom of the vase.
  • Strip all the foliage off the stems and wrap
    florist wire around the stem bunch.

  • Cut
    two roses very short to float at the bottom of the vase.

Make It Last!

  • Change water in the container every day.
  • Keep the arrangement out of direct sunlight.