3 years ago

Hot new trend: Hard sodas

If you
haven’t tried hard sodas, you’re missing out.

This huge new
trend in the beverage industry is growing at a fast pace! It turns out, people
love alcoholic drinks that taste like their favorite soft drinks. In fact, Not Your Father’s Root Beer,
created by Small Town Brewery in Illinois and distributed by Pabst, became the
third best-selling craft beer in 2015. It’s delicious on its own and even
perfect for making these grown-up
root beer floats

popular hard soda varieties include Not Your Father’s Ginger
and Best Damn Cherry
Cola & Root Beer
. And that’s not all … more flavors and varieties have
popped up over the past year, from hard ginger ale to hard orange soda.

Try them
for yourself – you won’t be disappointed! Look for a variety of hard sodas at
our Wines
& Spirits

Source: Marie