9 years ago


If mums are the king of fall decorating, then spruce tops are the queen of winter! Whether we’re ready to embrace the seasonal transition or not, Mother Nature has her own agenda: Nighttime temps are dropping, signifying these green bundles have arrived just in time to infuse our outdoor containers with new life.

What is a ‘spruce top’?

Spruce tops are evergreens that have the same short, stiff, light green needles that carry a light fragrance just like the full tree and are sold in bundles. They’re best suited for the outdoors, but can last a few weeks indoors, too.
It’s a little known fact that spruce tops are actually a regenerative crop that can be harvested again and again, making them more than just pretty. They’re eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, and a renewable resource! Bachman’s works with vendors from bog areas in northern Minnesota and Canada to supply deluxe, long-lasting greens in premium condition.

How to Decorate with Spruce Tops

Let your creativity loose by mixing fresh tree tops with a variety of fresh and permanent accents that compliment your landscaping to create festive planters and window boxes perfect for the entire holiday season.

Consider mixing in different greens, such as white pine, for a softer, sophisticated look. Or make a bolder statement by adding bright red or purple eucalyptus accents. Fresh accents like white pine, cedar, birch, curly willow, and pinecones also add great texture and variance.

To help the greens look their best, place them in a tight grouping to give the appearance of a single pyramidal tree. We recommend 5-6 tree tops for a 10-inch pot, 6-7 for a 12-inch pot, and 7-9 for a 14-inch pot. Bachman’s spruce tops come in bundles of 10, and measure approximately 30-36 inches long.

Care tips: Place spruce tips about 4-5 inches deep into a heavy, sandy soil. Water the soil thoroughly, then keep the soil moist until the ground freezes. If using indoors (needles will hold about 2-3 weeks), cut the end of the greens at least one inch from the bottom of the branch and place the stem in water, monitoring daily to ensure it’s always submerged.

Final step: Spruce up your container even more with lights, ornaments, and fun accents!

By: Susan Bachman West, Bachman’s executive director of perishable operations