9 years ago

Don’t miss 6 Buck Sushi Wednesdays!

Craving sushi? We offer many sushi varieties to choose from,
prepared fresh every day in our deli by master chefs from Hissho Sushi.

To ensure the
quality of their sushi, our chefs use the best ingredients. They source choice
seafood from all over the world, primarily from areas in Asia and South
America, and from sustainable suppliers whenever possible. The produce used in
their sushi is always purchased locally to provide you with the freshest
products available.

Every sushi chef
goes through extensive classroom and hands-on training. In the classroom, the
chefs gain a deep understanding of the products while learning the importance
of things like food safety and providing every customer with exceptional
service. Hands-on training includes preparing and cutting fish, understanding
each sauce and proper sushi rolling technique. Much of this hands-on training
is done in the field at an actual sushi bar. There, the new sushi chefs are
critiqued on their skills and performance. Once they’re working at one of our
stores, follow-up training is required throughout their careers.

If you haven’t
stopped by the sushi bar in our delis, your taste buds are missing out. Look
for 6 Buck Sushi every Wednesday in our deli!

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