4 years ago

5 ways to parfait

Whether you’re eating them for breakfast or for dessert,
parfaits are the perfect summer treat – cool and refreshing! We love a good,
layered granola berry parfait, but from time to time we like to mix things up
and try new, unexpected ingredients.

Here are a few fun parfaits ideas that we’re loving this

  1. Banana Maple: Sliced banana + vanilla yogurt +
    & Byerlys Triple Berry Granola
    + a drizzle of Lunds
    & Byerlys Pure Maple Syrup

  2. Blueberry Salted Caramel: Fresh
    blueberries + whipped cream + Lunds
    & Byerlys Butterscotch Caramel Dessert Topping
    + a
    sprinkle of sea

  3. Tropical Dark Chocolate: Fresh
    pineapple + lemon yogurt + shredded coconut + Lunds
    & Byerlys Semisweet Dark Chocolate Dessert Topping

  4. Raspberry Pistachio: Fresh
    raspberries + Lunds
    & Byerlys Pistachio Gelato
    + Lunds
    & Byerlys Hot Fudge Milk Chocolate Dessert Topping

  5. Strawberry Kiwi Cookie: Fresh
    kiwi + strawberry yogurt + crumbled Lunds & Byerlys Sugar Cookies

Just layer the ingredients, chill and serve!