Where are your pharmacy locations?

Our pharmacies can be found inside many of our Lunds & Byerlys stores. To view all of our pharmacy locations, click here.

Will you accept my current prescription insurance and/or Medicare Part D plan?

Our pharmacies accepts nearly every insurance plan as well as the Medicare Part D program. Our staff will work closely with you to ensure we have all proper paperwork in order for us to bill the appropriate drug plan.

Can I refill my prescriptions online?

Yes. To refill your prescriptions online, click here.

What is convenience packaging?

Our convenience packaging is a pharmacy dispensing system available in Minnesota exclusively at our pharmacies. Convenience packaging sorts and organizes your monthly prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins into convenient, single-dose packets. To learn more about convenience packaging, click here.

How much does convenience packaging cost?

Your first month is free. After that, convenience packaging is only $15 per month.

Will my prescriptions cost more with convenience packaging?

Our prescription prices are generally lower than most retail pharmacies. We’ll even provide you price quotes for any medications you have questions about.

All of my medications are on different refill schedules. Can I still use convenience packaging?

We’ll work with your doctors and insurance company to get all your medications on the same schedule. Because we’re able to see all your prescriptions at once, we’re also able to notice the potential for any harmful drug interactions.

How many prescriptions can convenience packaging accommodate?

Convenience packaging can manage any number of prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins you may be taking. Even the most complicated medication regimens can be made simpler and easier to follow properly. In fact, the more prescriptions you have, the more you’ll appreciate the benefits of convenience packaging.

What types of medications can be packaged into convenience packaging?

Our convenience packaging packets are perfect for nearly all your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, supplements and vitamins.

What types of medications can't be packaged in convenience packaging?

There are a handful of medications that cannot be packaged with the convenience packaging system: chewable tablets or tablets that dissolve easily, certain antibiotics, PRN or “as needed” medications, liquids/injectable medications, chemotherapy medications and medications that have frequently changed dosages. A  pharmacist will consult with you and your physician to determine the best medication arrangement for your needs.

Can "half tabs" be included in the convenience packaging?


How do I sign up?

Visit your nearest pharmacy location and fill out a simple form to get started.

Where should I store my convenience packaging dispensing box?

Convenience packaging should be kept out of the reach of children and stored away from high humidity areas such as the bathroom.

What if I have a medication change?

Notify the pharmacy and the pharmacist will make adjustments to accommodate your needs.

When and where do I pick-up my convenience packaging?

Your convenience packaging will be ready for pick-up at your local Lunds or Byerlyl’s Pharmacy. We’ll also contact you with a reminder when your convenience packaging is ready.

Can someone else pick up my convenience packaging for me?

Yes. It can be picked up by anyone you designate.

Will you deliver or mail my convenience packaging dispensing box?

Delivery and mailing options are available for a fee, but some delivery options may be limited due to time constraints and the distance a patient lives from a pharmacy. It’s best to call your pharmacy to make necessary arrangements.

Does your pharmacy protect my privacy?

Yes. View the Notice of Privacy Practices-HIPPA