7 years ago

Why you need to try Marcona almonds

Some people call
Marcona almonds the best almonds they’ve ever eaten. But what makes these
almonds so different from the typical California variety?

Marcona almonds, also
called the “Queen of Almonds,” are imported from Spain and have risen steadily
in popularity over the past few years. They are prized for being more tender,
sweet and delicate than regular almonds, with a buttery flavor. Marcona almonds
have a distinctive round shape and are usually blanched before they are sold.

You can use Marcona
almonds just as you would traditional almonds: toss
them in salads
, pair
with cheeses
, serve
alongside fruit
and bake in desserts. The Spanish use them in tapas, as
well as in a traditional
nougat candy

Lunds & Byerlys
offers a full assortment of Marcona almonds from basic to spicy, sold by the
pound. Look for them in our deli.


Marcona Almonds
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