7 years ago

Why our cakes are better than the rest

Bakery Category Manager Amy Fouks
explains why Lunds & Byerlys cakes are some of the best around.

We pride ourselves on the quality of
our cakes and know they’re second to none! But why?

They’re filled with quality
ingredients, from our exclusive cake mix that you won’t find in any other
market to our signature buttercream frosting made with a special vanilla
extract. Our cakes are made in small batches resulting in fresher products. And
all our cakes are handmade, right down to measuring ingredients by hand to
ensure you always get the perfect cake.

Our Cake Mix

  • Oil
    Provides a velvety smooth texture, adds moisture and crumb
    appeal. We use soybean oil, which has zero grams of trans fat.
  • Eggs
    Eggs provide proteins that give our cakes their volume,
    height, structure, and contributes to crumb appeal.
  • Flavorings
    & Extracts –
    They provide the perfect
    combination for a rich, deep flavor profile. We use natural and artificial
    vanilla extract, and almond emulsion. In the right proportion the two flavors
    marry together perfectly; too much almond will make it bitter, not enough
    vanilla and it will be bland.

Our Buttercream Frosting

  • Shortening
    We use a specialized cake icing shortening. Made
    specifically for icing, this shortening has zero grams of trans fat. No hydrogenated
    oils here.
  • Butter
    Salted butter is used in our buttercream, but not all
    butter is the same. Water content can vary from butter to butter, so we make
    sure our butter has the correct ratio to provide us with a consistent finished
  • Sugar
    We use fondant sugar and Nuvert (an inverted sugar). As
    with all fondant sugars, ours has a small starch content to help keep clumping
    to a minimum. Nuvert is a liquid form of sugar; it’s highly concentrated and
    helps provide a smooth texture and spreading ability.
  • Vanilla
    We use Mother Murphy’s vanilla extract in our icing. They
    use a technique that’s not always commonly found in the extract business. They
    grind the beans and submit them to their exclusive, highly specialized, 21-day
    cold extraction process. The result is a superior vanilla that can be used to
    enhance everything from baked goods to dairy products.

Other Facts to Note

  • Our cakes are made in smaller
    batches, resulting in a fresher product.
  • All our cakes are handmade, right
    down to measuring ingredients by hand, to ensure you always get the perfect
  • We haven’t changed our cake size –
    it remains the same size it was 20 years ago.
  • We still use only the finest
    ingredients. Our high-quality standards are the same as they were decades ago.

Now that you know why our cakes are
so delicious, taste it for yourself!

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