7 years ago

Why everyone’s obsessed with Hatch chiles

The village of Hatch, New Mexico, stretches along the Rio Grande’s southern-most bend. It’s home to four banks, two grocery stores, a pharmacy, a few retail stores and restaurants – and some of the most popular chile peppers in the world.

The hot days and cool nights in this valley give Hatch chiles a unique, earthy flavor that is sought after by chefs and home cooks everywhere. With meaty flesh and a mild-medium heat, this amazing pepper adds an irresistible flavor to just about any recipe. Hatch chiles are delicious roasted, stuffed, sautéed or fried!

They’re only available for a very limited time – from mid-August through late September – and when they’re in season, people scoop them up by the bagful!

Stop by your local Lunds & Byerlys store and pick up some Hatch chiles before they’re gone!

Hatch Valley Chile