4 years ago

We’re Seeing Spring

It’s a well-known fact that flowers make people happy. So when winter enters what feels like its one-hundredth week, we know just what will take your seasonal blues and turn them into cheerful hues. Enter the ever-gorgeous tulips and field daffodils. They’re here to kick your happiness levels into high gear while you wait for garden season to arrive. You’ve no doubt seen them and hopefully been blessed to receive bouquets of them in the past. But how much do you know about them beyond their obvious beauty? Here are some fun facts to help you get familiar with two of our favorite spring flowers!


  • They “sleep” when we do. Tulips close up at night but open again every day, letting you enjoy them at their most beautiful.
  • They continue to grow after they’re cut. When giving your tulips a fresh cut, don’t worry if you accidentally snip them shorter than planned. Their stems will continue to grow in the vase — possibly as much as an inch per day!
  • They bend toward the light. Wherever you’re displaying your tulips, take note of the light. If it’s coming from only one direction, you may want to rotate your pot or vase once a day to keep the tulips standing upright.

Field Daffodils

  • There are more than 25 different daffodil species and as many as 13,000 different hybrid varieties. We’ll take one of each, please!
  • They’re also known by the name narcissus, which originates from the Greek myth of a young boy who was so handsome he fell in love with his own reflection. As punishment for his vanity, the gods turned him into a daffodil.
  • They differ from regular daffodils in that field daffodils have no foliage on their stems (which we like to use as an excuse to fit even more flowers in our vase).

Find bunches of these blooms at your nearest Lunds & Byerlys and start soaking up spring!