2 years ago

We’re Growing For You

At a time when many things have been up in the air, one thing is certain — Easter is coming, and we’re ready to welcome it. This holiday of hopping bunnies, cheerful chicks and spring excitement falls on April 12 this year. Here’s what we’ve been growing in our greenhouses to help you and yours decorate for your Easter celebrations.

Easter Lilies. Endlessly elegant, soft white blooms give these quintessential Easter plants their undeniable beauty. Ensure your Easter lily looks its best by giving it a well-lit place to call home. Avoid displaying it in direct sunlight, as this will be too harsh. When the flowers start to open, pinch off the yellow anthers to keep those stark white petals clean. As long as your lily is flowering, keep its soil moist and you’ll enjoy its delicate beauty and dreamy fragrance well into spring.

Blooming Plants. Nothing pairs better with candy than flowers! Add blooming plants to your family’s Easter baskets, and even the Easter bunny will be jealous. From kalanchoe and cyclamen to hydrangeas and azaleas, blooming plants offer an impressive range of colors, sizes and textures. They’re a long-lasting gift that spreads springtime happiness, and they’re a pretty way to spruce up your space for spring. When selecting your blooming plants, look for healthy foliage and an abundance of developing flower buds. Take good care of them by keeping them somewhere with plenty of indirect sunlight.

Pansy Bowls. Been missing these beauties? Us too! They’re back for the season and we couldn’t be more excited. Since pansies can tolerate cooler temperatures, they’re an ideal way to dress up your front step and give your home a welcoming entrance. Pick up a few of these pre-planted bowls to enjoy delightful combinations of yellow, orange, lavender, red, maroon, gold and blue.

Happy Easter from Bachman’s!