8 years ago

Bring spring to your home in winter

By: Susan Bachman West, Bachman’s executive director of perishable operations

We may have had a mild start to winter, but any true Minnesotan knows the heavy months of snow, ice, and sub-zero temps are inevitable. However, you can help yourself “think spring” and bring some welcome color and vitality into your house during winter with our Watch ‘Em Grow gardens!

Created exclusively by Bachman’s, these bulb gardens are easy and fun for anyone because they are quickly rewarding, and only need a little sun and water to burst into bloom. The daily watering and steady progress make it a great activity for kids, too.

What’s in a Watch ‘Em Grow garden?
Watch ‘Em Grow bulb gardens are a combination of colorful, spring flowering bulbs that Bachman’s experts plant in the fall for enjoyment in the winter. The garden will provide a succession of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and muscari blooms over the course of several weeks.

Care Instructions
When you first get your planter, young shoots will just be emerging from the soil. They will grow into blooms within a week or two, and fill out the container. Note: Warmer locations will speed up the blooming, while a cool but sunny location will help delay.

Here are a few other tips to help them grow:

  • Place in a brightly lit area indoors (full sun will shorten the life of the blooms).
  • Water frequently, when the top of the soil approaches dryness. Never allow to sit thoroughly dry, or sit in water.
  • Cooler temps, 50-70 degrees, will prolong the life of the blooms.
  • Prune faded flowers at the stem to clean up for new blooms.
  • No fertilizer needed while in bloom.

Find 6-inch Watch ‘em Grows at Lunds and Byerly’s stores and 8-10-inch are available at Bachman’s locations, available through March.

Happy winter gardening!