10 years ago

Are you looking for the most sinfully awesome treat to serve at your Fourth of July party? Look no further than our signature, exclusive Killer Brownies. Every Friday we offer them at a steal: a 2-pack for $4.99. This is the perfect dessert for entertaining or treating yourself to a much-deserved indulgence.

Our closely guarded recipe contains the perfect amount of thick, decadent brownie, rich caramel and crispy pecans. These ‘killers’ weigh almost half a pound! No one else in the Twin Cities has these brownies, so get your chocolate fix with us and stock up every Friday.

Here are some great serving tips:

  • Each large ‘killer’ can be quartered for a bite-size treat.
  • You can also cut them on the diagonal for a nice upscale presentation.
  • Dust them with powdered sugar and who can resist?
  • Warm them and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I’ve already brought them to friends and neighbors for BBQs and “end of the school year” celebrations. We have been declared heroes and they are gone in no time flat!

You’ll find these brownies in the refrigerated section of our bakeries and also individually from our service case. We have up to 5 flavors, depending on the store location:

  • Original
  • Not a Nutter
  • Peanut Butter
  • German Chocolate
  • Cream Cheese

Entertaining for a larger group? Inquire about our Killer Brownie platter with 28 bite-size pieces featuring a variety of our flavors. They are ready to serve and will be the highlight of any dessert table.

Come visit us next Friday!

Susan Stillman, bakery category manager