9 years ago

Traditional St. Patrick’s Day food: Irish soda bread

Irish soda bread is a quick bread that uses baking powder to help the bread rise instead of yeast. It
became popular in Ireland in the mid-1800s.

Back then, Ireland
didn’t produce much of the type of flour that is needed for yeast breads. When
baking soda was introduced to the country, it changed the way bread was baked, replacing
yeast as a leavening agent.

Typically, soda
bread has four basic ingredients: flour, buttermilk, baking soda and salt. The
buttermilk and baking soda produce bubbles of carbon dioxide, which makes the
bread rise.

Our Irish soda
bread is dense, slightly sweet and filled with raisins, with a golden brown
crispy crust. It’s baked in-store with a deep “X” on the top of each loaf to
(as the Irish say) “let the fairies out.”

It’s delicious hot
from the oven and slathered in butter or served with your favorite Irish stew. Pick up a loaf of
Irish soda bread in our bakery for your St. Patrick’s Day dinner!

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