4 years ago

Top summer white wine recommendations

As we head
through the dog days of summer, nothing quite hits the spot like a chilled
glass of white wine.
Belkin, category manager for our Wines
& Spirits
locations, shares his top picks for these sultry summer days.

For people with a naval background, the phrase “summer
whites” is reminiscent of crisp, light-colored clothes that are heat resistant
and leave the wearer more refreshed and less fatigued than darker fall/winter

As far as wine drinkers are concerned, it’s an apt
comparison; as the weather begins to turn downright HOT, our tolerance for high-alcohol,
high-tannin wines quickly leaves and we start thirsting for cool, crisp, lighter-bodied
white wines. Even though white wines do have alcohol and tannins, they do a
superior job of hiding them – and the cool serving temperature does the

A little white wine tip: Although some wines are aged in oak
vessels, it can actually have negative long-term effects. Try wines that have
been made entirely in stainless steel or even concrete.  They retain all
the fruit and mouthfeel that you crave during the summer without the weightiness
and buttery components that you don’t.

Some of my favorite summertime sippers:

Conundrum: This
wine has been around in one form or another for nearly 15 vintages but the
newest is by far the best. Drier rather than sweeter, yet full of tropical
notes of pineapple, papaya and mango, this wine is sure to stimulate a
neighborhood discussion over the fence!

Joel Gott
: This 100% stainless steel Chardonnay is the perfect bridge
wine for those who don’t want to get away from Chardonnay. It’s full of
tropical fruit, has bracing acidity and a nice long finish, all without the
heaviness and buttery notes of oak.

Fume Blanc:
This is an example of when a winemaker still uses a little
oak to soften the flavor and texture of the wine. However, because they use a
neutral oak – wood that has seen multiple vintages, which removes most of the flavor
from the barrel staves – it only serves as a way to oxygenate the wine. The
result is a creamy mélange of flavors featuring mostly herbaceous and vegetable
notes, versus the tropical fruit.  A great wine with shrimp appetizers!

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