2 years ago

Three Ways To Make The Most Of Sunflowers

Summer is in full swing, and sometimes we catch ourselves daydreaming about an afternoon stroll through a field of sunflowers. Can you blame us? Being greeted by the open faces of thousands upon thousands of golden yellow flowers is the epitome of a warm welcome. And even more impressive is their ability to seemingly evolve throughout the course of the day. The same vibrant yellow petals that beam beneath the morning sun appear almost richer and more honey-colored as they blend into the backdrop of an evening sunset.

We know we aren’t the only ones who adore these beauties. Last year alone, more than 17,000 bunches of sunflowers went from the fields to the stores and ultimately to your homes. A majority of our selection comes from local growers, and each bunch features five fabulous stems. If you’re picking up one — or two, or three — to brighten your summer, here are a few different ways to make the most of these blooms.

  • Mix and match — The traditional yellow-petaled sunflower with a dark brown center is a timeless choice, of course. But it isn’t your only option for enjoying these flowers. Throughout the season, we carry dark-centered, light-centered, teddy bear (think fluffy tufts of beauty!), tiger and tinted sunflowers. Give these unique varieties a chance to mix and mingle in the same vase for an exciting arrangement of diverse color and texture.
  • Aim high — Because of their long stems and naturally arched necks, sunflowers look truly enviable in a tall, narrow vase. Group a bunch together with lush greenery or go more modern and simplistic with one stem. Sometimes it only takes a single flower to make the biggest statement.
  • Go rustic. Sunflowers are abundant with country charm. Embrace that rustic appeal by getting creative with your vessel and collecting them in something with a farmhouse style. Vintage metal vases, antique wooden boxes and beautiful woven baskets top our list. All it takes is the easy addition of a plastic liner before filling these containers with water and you’ll have a quick arrangement that’s country-chic.

Wishing you a sunny summer from Bachman’s!