9 years ago

For those of you shopping our stores on Fridays, you know about the best deli deal of the week: 6 Buck Cluck! We offer our hot, fresh and oh-so-delicious rotisserie chickens for just $6.00. Let me just say it’s extremely popular and an incredible value!

Our rotisserie chicken normally provides 4 servings. Where else can you find a hot, ready-to-eat, center-of-the-plate entrée for $1.50 per person? 

When we first created the delicious flavor profiles for our rotisserie chickens, we wanted to make a statement. We wanted our chickens to be the best in town. I’m proud to say this became a reality.  

How our Rotisserie Chickens are Raised 
We work with Gold’n Plump to source the best chickens possible. They’re raised on local family farms in central Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Our chickens are raised in a cage-free environment and are fed a premium corn-based feed.

How our Rotisserie Chickens are Made 
The birds are first fully cleaned, meaning less ‘surprises’ are inside the birds. We then use a marinade to keep the meat moist and flavorful. We use just an 8% marination, which means there is only about half (or more) as much sodium compared to the rotisserie chickens you’ll find at many other places.

Our delis roast and spice each chicken daily. This truly keeps the rotisserie chickens fresh and adds a lot of flavor. We have many varieties to choose from that vary by store, including: spicy chili pepper, cedar smoke spice, ancho brown sugar, classic, signature spice, Cajun, chimichurri, BBQ, lemon pepper, chipotle, herb citrus, and many more.

Stop by the deli next time you’re at our store and enjoy one of our rotisserie chickens! We also have a lot of great side dishes to help you create a quick and delicious meal.

Byron Hanson, director of food service and bakery