7 years ago

The story behind our potato salads

Brats are sizzling on the grill. Ice is clinking in your lemonade. Fresh berries are on the picnic table. Now all you need is a side dish! Let me introduce you to our two original potato salads…

Lunds Original Potato Salad
The recipe for Lunds Original Potato Salad came from a friend of the Lund family, Molly Geng.  She had a knack for cooking and loved making potato salad for her friends. Our founder, Russell T. Lund, liked her potato salad so much that he wanted to serve it to his customers. In 1974, this tasty potato salad was served in our Lunds stores and has only grown in popularity from there.

Diced potatoes are combined with a generous helping of hard-boiled eggs and a little onion, celery, and red pepper. The dressing is light in color and sweet in taste.

Byerly’s Original Potato Salad
This is the original recipe that was first developed in the Byerly’s kitchens back in the 1970s. It’s made with diced potatoes, onion, eggs, celery and a mixture of mayonnaise and salad dressing. There’s also a hint of mustard.

When this recipe was first created, the deli staff at each Byerly’s store used to boil lots of potatoes every day to make the salad. They would then peel and dice them by hand, using the refrigerators as a cooler place to work in the summer – hot potatoes! Years later, the staff used peelers and a dicer to help speed up the process.

Today we continue to sell both delicious potato salads, along with our signature potato salad, with the same homemade taste you’ve come to expect from our delis. Whether you love the hard-boiled eggs in our Lunds potato salad or you’re a diehard for the mustard in the Byerly’s potato salad, enjoy their history and flavor at your next family picnic this summer!