8 years ago

The story behind our pasta sauce

Over 100 years of Italian tradition go into producing the
San Marzano tomatoes that are used to make Lunds & Byerlys pasta sauces.
These full-bodied tomatoes are prized for their exceptional color and flavor –
perfect for making an exceptionally good sauce.

We combine the tomatoes with the finest quality ingredients
to create all four of our delicious pasta sauce varieties:

Marinara: This
classic, perfectly seasoned sauce is chef-crafted with all-natural ingredients.

Peppadew: Made with
mild peppadew peppers, developed in South Africa, featuring a nice balance of
sweet and heat.

: Sun-drenched tomatoes are combined with basil and balanced
with onion, sea salt and ground pepper.

Vodka with
: This flavorful sauce combines a delicious blend of
seasonings, a splash of vodka and our very own Italian-made Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Look for Lunds & Byerlys pasta sauces in our pasta