9 years ago

The story
behind our new seasoned popcorn

Our new Lunds & Byerlys seasoned popcorn is here, made
by the same family-owned business that used to supply the popcorn for the Green
Bay Packers’ stadium, seasoned with our very own Lunds & Byerlys spices. It’s
available in three varieties:

Bar-B-Q: Chile and
chipotle seasoned with a nice balance of sweet and heat.

Salt &
Gets a flavor boost from just a dash of onion and garlic
from our Lunds & Byerlys Et Cetera Seasoning.

Sea Salted
Drizzled in dark chocolate, this is the same best-selling
product we have used during the holidays but will now be a part of the everyday

We’re excited to offer customers these unique and savory
flavors! Look for Lunds & Byerlys seasoned popcorn in the snack aisle.