6 years ago

The story behind our Haralson apple pie

Amy Fouks, our bakery category manager, explains why this is our best-selling pie – and why we only use Haralson apples.

First there was pie … and then there was our Haralson apple pie!

In 2002, when the University of Minnesota was looking for ways to inspire local companies to use their Haralson apples, we began using these unique apples in our freshly baked pies. Our bakery director at the time was also a trained chef and worked closely with the University of Minnesota and their apple community to create this delicious dessert.

Our bakers make each Haralson apple pie by hand using two pounds of top quality Haralson apples that stay crisp, even after baking, for the perfect bite. The pie also features all-natural ingredients, a flaky all-butter crust and a special blend of spices to top it off. To make this pie even more special, we only use Minnesota-grown apples.

A pie with an all-butter crust, locally grown apples and handmade – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Our original 11-inch Haralson apple pie was so popular we began making a 9-inch pie as well. The 9-inch was loved so much we added a half pie. Our bakeries sell Haralson apple pies in all three sizes and it continues to be our best-selling pie. Enjoy a slice today!