7 years ago

The story behind our gourmet gift crates

Customers love our foodie-inspired
gourmet gifts
and often comment on the unique wooden crates that they come
in. We have always prided ourselves on finding products that are sustainable,
locally-sourced and made by family-owned companies – and these wooden crates
are no exception!

They’re made by Dufeck Wood Products, a
fourth-generation miller located in Denmark, Wisconsin. Dufeck has been around
for over a century – in fact, they just celebrated their 110th year
in business.

Founded around the
turn of the century by four brothers, Dufeck originally made home building
supplies, but shifted to milk, soda and beer cases once the second generation
of cousins took over. As plastic became more prevalent, they began making
specialized pallets, skids and industrial shipping boxes.

Today, Dufeck
crates come in all shapes and sizes and travel the world, carrying everything
from office furniture to hospital beds. We’re proud to support this local
Midwest company!

Photos provided by Dufeck Wood Products