9 years ago

The summer months bring out the best in fresh fruit. With our stores overflowing with sweet, irresistible flavors, it’s hard to ignore these healthy treats. One of my favorite things about summer is taking fresh fruit home every week to savor those distinct juices, which more often than not wind up dripping down my chin.

The juices from our favorite fruits should have the same taste whether they’re running down our chins or being poured from a bottle. That was the thought process we put behind our new line of Lunds and Byerly’s premium juices. Our Lunds and Byerly’s label signifies the best our stores have to offer, and our juices are no exception.

There are six varieties to choose from, including three premium orange juices. They’re made using only Valencia oranges sourced directly from Florida and are available with pulp, without pulp, or with calcium added. Why only Valencias? Because they are better for juicing and are a naturally sweeter orange.

In addition to our orange juices, we offer a lemonade, raspberry lemonade, and limeade. These juices are not from concentrate and have no artificial flavors. They make the perfect all-natural mix for summer smoothies or slushies, and for your next cocktail party, try our limeade. It’s wonderful in mojitos.

We know quality is a key factor when making any purchasing decision, and we’re proud to offer you our first line of premium juices that will meet your highest expectations. Enjoy your Minnesota summer with all the fresh fruits—and now fresh fruit juices—that are sure to make your time in the sun even sweeter.

Julie Griffin, director of Lunds and Byerly’s products