10 years ago

The story behind Lunds & Byerlys Spices

Julie Griffin, Director of Lunds & Byerlys products, shares what makes our exclusive spice collection so popular:

A smoky blend of spices perfect to brush on grilled corn. A ground mix of chilies, straight from a smoker in Texas, to coat chicken wings. And a dry-age beef seasoning that will make any cut of meat sing. These are just a few of the 150 chef-crafted spices and spice blends that make up our spice collection.

Our impressive spice collection is the product that launched our Lunds & Byerlys label back in 2005. Made by culinary experts at Wayzata Bay Spice Company, our exclusive collection features spices from around the world, with strict standards to ensure the highest quality.

The creative masterminds at Wayzata Bay Spice Company, based in Rogers, Minn., are experts at blending spices together to help us create the most inventive seasonings, like Lunds & Byerlys Grilled Cheese Seasoning (the mix of sundried tomatoes and basil give you the taste of tomato soup right in your sandwich). Our food experts work closely with this local group to craft spices and seasonings that are on-trend and differentiated. Only the very best can pass our taste tests to make it to your kitchen.

Whether you’re experimenting with the latest food trend or you’re relying on our meat-specific blends – like prime rib rub or poultry seasoning – to impress at family dinner, our top-of-the-line spice collection has everything you need. You won’t find these anywhere else!